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Naturally calm and steady.

• Stabilised without affecting the horse’s performance
• No sugar


Naturally calm and steady.

The horse has developed to react quickly to signs of danger. It’s an innate reflex that starts a number of chemical processes in the horse. When the danger has passed, the triggering substances have to be neutralised by other substances in the body. B vitamins, Vitamin C, L-Tryptophan and Magnesium are all part of the calming process.

For horses in stressful situations, such as travel, competition and training, the content of these substances in the feed is sometimes not enough. By adding them, the horse’s temperament can be stabilised without affecting the horse’s performance. The addition of inulin stimulates the microflora in the intestines and improves the uptake of nutrients.

Since the horse gets a lot of natural sugar in its feed (necessary for the uptake of certain nutrients), we don’t add sugar and we always try to keep additives in our products to a minimum!

Stabilises the horse’s temperament.

For horses in stressful situations, such as travel, competition and training. BioCool is a quality product manufactured under laboratory control.

Horse: 1 measured dose/day
Pony: 0.5 measured dose/day

1 measured dose=15 ml

Mixed in feed. For best results, BioCool should be given for at least 7 days.

600146 – 90 g Pick & mix
1097 –  400 g
1099 –  2 kg