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High-concentrate Glucosamine for increased mobility in your pet.

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High-concentrate Glucosamine for increased mobility in your pet.

Glucosamine is a substance made naturally in the bodies of dogs and cats and an important component in the formation of tendons, joints and cartilage.

Glucosamine is an important contributing element in the formation of cartilage. The manganese additive also helps build up (form) cartilage.

BioGlucomin also contains methionine; a source of sulphur which is easy to absorb and also necessary for building up cartilage.

In older years or during hard training, the body’s own ability to make sufficient amounts of glucosamine reduces.

The glucosamine in Eclipse Biofarmab’s BioGlucomin and Jointbuilder is a natural product with extra high biological uptake ability. We only use European glucosamine of pharmaceutical quality.

Eclipse Biofarmab always tries to keep additives in our products to a minimum.

This product is free from sugar!

Small dog/cat: 2 measured doses daily
Medium-size dog: 3 measured doses daily
Large dog: 4 measured doses daily

1 measured dose = 1 ml

Mix in concentrated food

1291 – 150 g