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Healthy hooves are essential for endurance and success on the racetrack.

• Unique combination of nutrients
• Poor horn growth
• Can be used before prevention


Healthy hooves are essential for endurance and success on the racetrack.

Just like hooves can vary from horse to horse, so can problems manifest themselves in different ways, such as cracks, weak walls etc. Hooves are affected by several factors, including environment and where they are used. Since we use horses in different ways, they also have different needs. Many horses manage fine without shoes, although there are many who, despite shoes, have significant problems. Environmental and hereditary factors affect the hoof’s shape and quality, which on the down side can lead to disintegration and poor growth and, consequently, problems in adjusting to and retaining shoe fittings.

Poor horn growth is a common cause of problems, which is also difficult to correct. Massaging the edges of the crown is one way to help, along with a variety of different creams.

Most of important of all, however, is to ensure the horses has sufficient “building blocks” to produce healthy horn. Unfortunately this is not always the case, as the nutritional content of feedstuff is not always sufficient or adequate. To be assimilated, feed also needs gut flora, comprising “friendly” microorganisms.

Hoofbuilder is a unique combination of nutrients, which have been proved to be highly important for hooves. We have also added prebiotics, which promote healthy gut flora.
Biotin and MSM are a good combination with good synergy effects, which accelerate growth and are essential for building up the hoof wall. MSM, combined with silicon, help make hooves harder and more durable. Biotin and silicon are also important for the keratinocytes; the building blocks of skin cells.

Inulin and yeast fibre (prebiotics) promote healthy gut flora, which in turn improves the absorption of other nutrients.
The problem with products that aim to improve horn quality is that they have to be given for a long time before you see results. Supplementary nutrients can only influence newly-formed horn and, since horn growth takes place at the edge of the crown, it can take up to a year before you see the results of the added supplement.

Supplement for horses’ hooves.

To strengthen and improve horn growth.

1.5 measured dose (20g)/day, mixed in feed.

0938 – 900 g
0939 – 1,8 kg