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MSM 100

Metylsulfonylmetan. Fodertillskott till häst. Organiskt svaveltillskott. 100% ren MSM av högsta kvalitet.

Did you know that…
The horses’ primary source of MSM is grass. The MSM content decreases considerably when the grass is dried to hay and is virtually non-existent in haylage. A horse that only has access to grass for a few hours per day and is fed with haylage will consume very little MSM. The need for MSM also increases the more the horse is used and the older the horse gets. Horses that get enough MSM is seen as quick muscle recovery after strenuous exercise and they are more flexible and subtle..

• Organic sulphur supplement
• 100% pure MSM of highest quality
• Horses’ main source of MSM is grass


Feed supplement for horses with organic sulfur. 100% pure MSM of highest quality.

MSM is involved in a variety of processes in the body and is needed for many functions. MSM gives cell walls their elasticity, making them more penetrable, which aids the cell’s absorption of nutrients and oxygenation, while waste products can be transported away more easily. The absorption of several B vitamins depends on MSM.

Horses’ main source of MSM is grass. The MSM content is reduced considerably when the grass is dried into hay and is as good as non-existent in hay silage.

A horse which grazes for several hours a day on grass and is fed hay silage therefore consumes very little MSM. The horse’s need increases the more it is used and the older it gets. MSM can be given to horses without a risk of overdosing, since it is a completely toxin-free feed supplement.

For horses, using MSM helps muscles recover after hard work and helps their suppleness and mobility. Eclipse Biofarmab’s MSM 100 comprises 100% high-quality MSM and is used when the diet needs to be supplemented with sulphur.

Organic sulphur supplement for horses.

Natural nourishment for the horse’s hooves, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

1 measured dose, 15 ml twice a day for 10 days, then one measured dose once a day.
Mix well in concentrated feed.

0996 – 500 g
1216 – 1 kg