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Feed for sand eaters!

• Psyllium seed with apple flavour for choosy horses
• Effectively takes sand and grit with it out of the intestines
• Prevent sand colic


Feed for sand eaters!

When our horses graze on sparse or low-cut pasture, they can consume large quantities of sand and grit, which can
accumulate in the intestines and cause the horse to develop sand colic. Some horses easily become restless and move on, picking up whatever they come across, which means they can also consume, e.g. cones and bark. Psyllium seed can be used to help the horse transport this undesirable material out of their intestines. The psyllium seed’s shell forms a sticky mucilage on contact with liquid and, therefore, effectively takes sand and grit with it out of the intestines. Psyllium has long been successfully used for horses in this way. Psyllium also has a generally good effect on the intestines’ function by promoting good bowel movements.

Eclipse Biofarmab’s high quality requirements meant that we chose to use whole psyllium seeds in our product, since they have a better ability to form mucilage and keep for much longer in the stable’s varying climate.

Some horses are choosy and can find that the taste and smell of psyllium seeds are strange. To satisfy these horses, Eclipse Biofarmab has also launched Psyllium seed with apple flavour. These psyllium seeds contain an apple extract to improve the taste without adding unnecessary sugar.

Eclipse Biofarmab always tries to keep the sugar and filler in our products to a minimum.

Whole psyllium seeds for horse.

For grazing on sparse pasture and for normal intestinal function when not just grass and food have been consumed.

Maintenance food: 4 measured doses a day for up to 30 days, must be mixed in wet food.
Therapeutic use: 12 measured doses a day for 5 days (only in consultation with a vet) 1 measured dose = 25g

600417 – 150 g Pick & mix
0548 – 2,5 kg
0997 – 5 kg