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Supports digestive health

Mitigates digestive disorders

Composed of fibres, inactive yeast, lecithin, methionine, and vitamins


To be used for promoting a healthy gastrointestinal system and addressing chronic digestive disorders.

Eclipse Biofarmab Fiberplex is a unique blend of digestive-friendly fibres, specifically cultivated fermented yeasts from the Saccharomyces cerevisiae culture, along with lecithin, methionine, and B vitamins. It is considered a broad-spectrum solution, designed to have a beneficial impact on various aspects of the digestive system.

Fiberplex contains the following: Lecithin: Offers protection to mucuous membranes from stomach acid. Fibre concentrate PV70: Enhances enzyme activity, primarily in the pancreas and small intestine. Fermented yeast culture: Nourishes microorganisms in the cecum and large intestine. Inulin: Collaborates with the yeast culture to promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms and balance pH levels in the stomach and intestines. B vitamins and the amino acid methionine: Regulate insulin and glucose levels in the blood, contributing to a calmer and more contented disposition in horses.

Fiberplex is particularly beneficial for horses dealing with chronic digestive disorders. Its impressive water-retaining capacity is especially crucial in cases of diarrhoea. Diarrhoea typically arises from an imbalance in the intestinal flora, which can promote the proliferation of harmful bacteria, disrupting the gut’s natural balance. This imbalance adversely impacts the breakdown of feed, subsequently affecting nutrient absorption and, consequently, compromising the immune system’s defense mechanisms.

Fiberplex is also offered as Fiberplex Sensitive, specially designed for horses that may have sensitivities to yeast.


Pony <400 kg: 1 dl of powder mixed well with 2.5 dl of water. Administer twice daily for 1–6 months.

Horse <500 kg: 1.5 of powder mixed well with 3.5 dl of water. Administer twice daily for 1–6 months.

Horse >500 kg: 2 dl of powder mixed well with 4.5 dl of water. Administer twice daily for 1–6 months.

Mix well in feed immediately before feeding.

If your horse has prolonged diarrhoea or shows general signs of distress, consult a veterinarian.

1 scoop = 1 dl = 30 g


1192 900 g = 12 days supply at 75 g/day 1125 2.7 kg = 36 days supply at 75 g/day


24 months.


Fibres from Potato Cell Walls, Fermented Yeast, Lecithin, Inulin/Oligofructose.

ADDITIVES 1000 g 30 g


B1 1200 mg 36 mg

B6 400 mg 12 mg

Folic Acid 100 mg 3 mg

B12 34 mg 1 mg

Amino acids:

Methionine 12.4 372 mg


Crude Protein 10%, Crude Fat and Crude Oils 5.2%, Crude Ash 4.6%, Crude Fibre 13%, Moisture 8.1%

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