My horse has been treated and been on box rest, followed by only walking for 3 months. Now it's time to get going, what can I do to help my horse strengthen more quickly?


The most important thing is to perform a roughage analysis and calculate a feed plan. Once you know that there is a balance of all essential nutrients, you can add a little extra protein to create the conditions for muscle development.

Training and movement are obviously important for the muscles; develop a tailored training programme for your horse. If you want to give your horse some extra help, you can use Master Muscle, a special product containing gammaoryzanol which has been shown to positively affect the muscles, both in terms of developing muscles and also by reducing lactic acid and decreasing the risk of muscle injuries. The product also contains vitamin E and lysine for optimal utilisation of gammaoryzanol.

During the reconditioning phase, your horse may also need extra energy, and supplementing with Linseed Oil can help. The oil provides slow-release energy which doesn't make the horse as lively as quick energy from sugar and starch might. It also contributes important fatty acids that give a glossy coat.

How to bring a Horse Back into Work


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