Care for your horse's hooves 

A horse's hooves are unique and vary between individuals. Problems can manifest in various ways, such as cracks, lost shoes, sole tenderness, or weak hoof walls. 

A horse's hoof is influenced by several factors including genetics, environment, and usage. While some horses thrive barefoot, others struggle with ongoing hoof issues despite being shod. A healthy hoof is the result of a combination of good genetics and appropriate care. External conditions, such as varied terrain or changing weather conditions, can also affect the condition of the hooves. Poor hoof growth can often be a challenging issue to manage. Coronary band massage along with specific creams can stimulate growth and improve hoof quality.

A horse's hoof health is not only about external care; it is crucial that the horse receives the right nutrients. A balanced diet is essential, but not all feeds contain the necessary building blocks to promote strong and healthy hooves. Additionally, a well-functioning gut flora, with a balance of friendly microorganisms, plays an important role in nutrient absorption. Therefore, horse owners should be aware of the importance of both external hoof care and proper nutrition to ensure optimal hoof health.

"No hooves, no horse" is an old truth and wise proverb. Therefore, we at Eclipse Biofarmab have developed a complete feed supplement for your horse's hooves.

Remember to also seek help from your farrier when problems arise.

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