Our paddocks are very wet and muddy, what should I think about?


When horses graze in paddocks with sparse or no grass, they may inadvertently ingest significant amounts of sand and gravel, leading to the accumulation of these materials in the gut and the potential development of sand colic. Some horses are prone to restlessness and may nibble on various objects within their reach, including cones and bark. To facilitate the removal of this undesireable material from the intestine, Psyllium Seeds can be administered. For picky horses you can give Psyllium Seed with Apple-Flavour.

It is also important to inspect the legs and joints carefully every day as there are often bacteria in the mud which can take hold if the horse gets small wounds. If the horse has a wound, we recommend Zink Salva, a softening ointment that contains, among other things, lanolin, almond oil and Vitamin A and D. It is suitable for all kinds of wounds and especially good for mud fever.

Muddy paddocks prevent sand colic with psyllium


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