How do I prepare my horse for the upcoming New Year, with frightening fireworks and loud noises?


All pet owners know that New Year's fireworks can be a torment for their animals. When your animal experiences temporary stress associated with the New Year, it may need help managing its anxiety.

Horses, dogs, and cats are developed to quickly respond to danger signals. It is an innate reflex that triggers a number of chemical processes in the body. Once the danger is over, the triggering substances must be neutralised by other substances in the body. B vitamins, vitamin C, L-Tryptophan, and Magnesium are some of the nutrients needed, among other things, for the nervous system.

We have the quality product BioCool for horses, dogs, and cats. For best results, the supplement should be given for at least 7 days.

Tips & advice to help your horse during New Year's Eve:

  • Play calm music in the stable - it camouflages the sound.
  • Use a sound-dampening hood and/or cotton plugs for the ears.
  • Keep your horse occupied with a large hay net or why not some tasty lick treats.
  • For the playful horse, an activity ball can redirect focus.
  • Celebrate the New Year together with your horse in the stable. Exude calmness in front of your horse, cuddle and pet it.
  • Cover stable windows and turn on the stable lights, the effects of the fireworks will then be weakened.

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