My horse has such poor hooves, they grow slowly and he often gets cracks. Is there any supplement that can help him?


As usual, the foundation is always a well-balanced diet with analyzed forage. A horse also needs to be active and move to stimulate hoof growth. If he still has problems, there are various products to use. For minor issues, it may be sufficient to add Diatomaceous Earth Forte. Silicon is good for hooves, but also important for cartilage, tendons, and skin. For more significant problems, you can use Hoofbuilder, a product with many essential ingredients for the hoof. It provides biotin, silicon, MSM, inulin, and yeast. Building up a hoof takes time, so you may need to use the products for at least six months before seeing significant results. For problems with thrush or white line disease, there is an antiseptic hoof paste in a tube, Thrush Magic, which is applied to the hoof. It can also be placed under the shoe during shoeing.

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