Liquid Diamond V

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Contains Saccharomyces cerevisae

Enhances nutrient absorption

Provides essential nutrients for microorganisms in the large intestine


To be used to enhance digestion and nutrient absorption, reduce lactic acid levels, and promote increased growth and fitness.

Eclipse Biofarmab Liquid Diamond V is a potent fermented yeast culture designed for your horse, enhancing feed digestibility and maximising protein utilisation. Diamond V contributes positively to the growth and overall condition of both foals and mature horses. It is particularly beneficial for horses with high concentrate diets, those needing to gain weight, or those undergoing intensive training.

Most of the horse’s feed undergoes digestion through enzymes in the stomach and small intestine. However, some of the more challenging-to-digest food components remain undigested and are transported to the cecum and large intestine, where they are broken down by bacteria and other microorganisms.

Diamond V fermented yeast culture exerts its most significant impact in the cecum and small intestine, where it provides essential nutrients for the microorganisms. A thriving microflora enhances feed breakdown and the release of nutrients, ultimately leading to improved nutrient absorption by the horse – nutrients that are used for growth and reproduction. It is important to note that Diomand V does not introduce a new yeast culture into the horse’s stomach or intestinal system; instead, it fortifies the horses existing microflora, enhancing nutrient absorption.

Research and experimentation form the foundation: Diamond V has undergone over 50 years of development and testing. International trials, primarily conducted in the USA, demonstrate that the product deilvers tangible benefits in the form of enhanced growth, improved feed digestibility, and consequently, enhanced performance. (Glade & Biesik, 1986; Glade & Campbell-Taylor, 1990)


Pony: 15 ml/day

Horse: 25 ml/day

Large-sized horse (over 600kg): 50 ml/day

Shake well before use.

1 tbsp = 15 ml


603712 1l = 40 days supply at 25 ml/day


18 months


Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) cultivated and fermented on substrates of vegetable origin.


The product contains no additives.


Crude Protein 19%, Crude Fibre 8%, Crude Fat and Crude Oils 3%, Crude Ash 6%, Sodium 0%, Water 11%

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