I have an Icelandic horse that is itching its mane and tail. Is there anything I can use to reduce the itching?


There are many causes of itching, and Icelandic horses often suffer from midge allergy. Be sure to wash the affected areas, for example with Mild Shampoo, and then apply our itch-relieving cream, Bio Nix.

Bio Nix contains the active ingredient benzyl benzoate, which is also used against lice and scabies in humans. It is also moisturising and helps to inhibit bacterial growth. It can also be used preventatively before the itching starts. If you prefer to use a purely natural product, we recommend No Itch.

Itching and eczema can also be a sign of zinc deficiency, and it might be worth trying if BioZinc can help. It is a concentrated zinc supplement that complements the diet.



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