In the summer, I train my horses hard in galloping and I would like tips on how to reduce the risk of injuries after training sessions.


After intense training, it's crucial to cool down the legs to constrict the blood vessels and reduce the risk of minor bleeding. The best way to cool the legs is to rinse them with cold water. For effective cooling, this should continue for about 15–20 minutes.

Another good method is to use Swede Clay, a cooling clay that is applied to the legs and left until it dries and can be brushed off. Clay has a long-lasting cooling effect. Another option is to use Ice Gel, a cooling liniment that is easy to apply. However, note that it has a 96-hour competition withdrawal period.

To aid muscle recovery, you can use a liniment, such as Arnica or Liniment Blue, and massage the horse after a strenuous workout. Arnica has no competition withdrawal, but Liniment Blue requires a 96-hour period.

Reduce the risk of injuries


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