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Vital for skeletal development

Crucial when feeding calcareous forage

Aids in energy metabolism and muscle function


To be used when the nutritional content of the feed fails to meet the horse’s requirements, such as those compricing calcium-rich roughage and/or limited oat intake.

Eclipse Biofarmab Phosphorus is used in diets deficient in phosphorus, such as those consisting of calcium -rich roughage and/or limited oat intake. The quantity of phosphorus required to be added depends on the calcium-to-phosphorus ratio in the feed.

An average-sized horse contains approximately 4 kg of phosphorus, with 80% of it residing in the bones and teeth. Phosphorus is primarily absorbed in the large intestine in the form of phosphate.

Along with calcium, phosphorus represents the mineral that horses require in the highest quantities, and they mutually influence each other. An imbalanced ratio between them (the so-called Ca/P ratio) can have detrimental effects similar to a deficiency. The ideal ratio should fall within the range of 1.2:1 and 1.8:1 in the overall diet. For growing horses, it is advisable to aim for the upper end of this range, while in the case of training adult horses, the lower end may be appropriate.

A significant portion of phosphorus is involved in the body’s energy metabolism. There is a continuous movement of phosphorus in and out of the skeleton. When the supply is insufficient, the skeleton serves as a reserve. In this manner, an adult horse can endure a brief deficiency without displaying symptoms, but if the deficiency persists, the skeleton becomes compromised. On the other hand, in a growing horse, a short-term deficiency can disrupt skeletal development.

A maintenance allowance should account for the phosphorus lost through metabolism. For instance, a horse typically excretes approximately 1 g of phosphorus per 100 kg of body weight through faeces and urine. During periods of exercise, the demand for phosphorus rises slightly.

Use Phosphorus to effectively balance your horse’s needs!


1-3 scoops/day depending on the calcium-to -phosphorus ratio in the feed.

Mix well in feed.

1 scoop = 10 g = 2.6 g phosphorus and 1.9 g sodium.


1246 2 kg = 200 days supply at 10 g/day


Monosodium Phosphate.


The product contains no additives.


Phosphorus 25.7%, Sodium 18.9%, Calcium, 0%.


24 months.

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