I'm attending a meeting this summer, what should I take with me so my horse can perform well over several days?


Travelling to compete at a show is a big adjustment for a horse, and there are several things to consider. It is incredibly important that the horse drinks enough, both during the journey and while stabled. Horses have highly developed senses of smell and taste and may react if the water does not smell and taste like it does at home.

You can try adding Apple Cider Vinegar to the water so it tastes the same everywhere. Practice giving this mixture at home so the horse gets used to it. It's also important to ensure the horse gets enough salt and electrolytes. These substances affect the body's fluid balance and when the horse has to perform several days in a row, quick recovery is especially crucial.

Pure Salt can be added to the food according to how much the horse sweats and the ambient temperature, but using an electrolyte mix is even better. Horse sweat contains not just salt but also other substances that need to be replenished.

Rehalyt Basic is a mix of electrolytes, and Rehalyt Booster contains not only electrolytes but also antioxidants and vitamins for optimal recovery after strenuous work.

At a show, it can also be valuable to pay extra attention to the muscles since the horse is both working and spending a lot of time in a stall, thus not moving as usual. Consider using Arnica or Liniment Red to massage tired muscles and Swede Clay to cool the legs.

Meeting Summer Horse Performance Tips


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