I need a mineral feed, which one should I choose, there are so many to choose from?


The basis of any diet should always be analysed roughage in an appropriate amount based on the horse's size and workload. Make sure to also analyse the minerals in the roughage so you know what is lacking. Generally, the levels of many important minerals have decreased in our forages and most horses need an additional supplement of minerals.

BioMineral Total is a concentrated mineral feed containing all essential minerals and is given in amounts of 20-40 g. The amount of mineral feed you need to give can be a deciding factor in which one to choose since many horses do not appreciate the taste of minerals and therefore you want to be able to give as small an amount as possible.

It may also be of interest to study the different sources from which the minerals are derived as there is a significant difference in how much the horse can absorb. In BioMineral Total, many minerals are chelated, meaning they are bound to an amino acid making them easier for the horse to absorb, including so-called organic minerals.

In some parts of Sweden, there is a deficiency of calcium and phosphorus. The balance between these minerals is very important, and it may be necessary to add extra supplements of Foderkrita or Fosforbalans to achieve the right ratio (which should be between 1.2-1.8)

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